Anne Boden, Founder and CEO of Starling Bank – Speaker at Women in Business Expo 2019

Anne Boden, Founder and CEO of Starling Bank

As CEO, Anne oversees the Executive Leadership Team and focuses its vision on building the best possible customer experience. She is also a member of Starling’s Board of Directors. After graduating in computer science and chemistry, Anne started her career at Lloyds Bank, where she helped architect CHAPS, the UK’s first real-time payments system. She worked at Standard Chartered and UBS, before becoming Head of EMEA, Global Transaction Banking across 34 countries for RBS and ABN AMRO.

After the financial crisis, Anne spoke to people around the world about the changes in banking and technology. She joined Allied Irish Banks Plc as Chief Operating Officer to apply these learnings but was frustrated by the restrictions still imposed by outdated technology.

Anne decided the only way to solve this was to build a bank from the ground up. This idea started becoming a reality in 2014 and Starling has grown from there. Anne’s vision for Starling is to build the best bank account in the world.

Anne lives and breathes Starling, but if she had to do something very different it would be something entrepreneurial in the application of machine learning to fabric and fashion design.

In June 2019 Anne's book The Money Revolution was released, simplifying the jargon filled financial advice that we are bombarded with by giving us an easy and transparent guide to help us get control of our finances.

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14 October 2020


Changing Banking for Good: My Story

Join Anne Boden, the first woman to found and build a bank in the UK from scratch, to hear her inspiring story of the determination, innovation and entrepreneurism needed to do what everyone said couldn’t be done.

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