Who will visit Women in Business Expo?

Meet our visitors

We’ve characterised four different types of visitor, who will benefit from attending Women in Business Expo. If you identify with one of our characters, make sure you mark your diary, and register your interest!


Profile image of Liz who's a career woman

Mid 40s, young baby, Clapham, reads The Financial Times, The Times, uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and shops at Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Mint Velvet.


Promotion in senior role, salary increase and bonus recognition.

Career Advancers

Why should they attend the event?

  • To meet companies looking to recruit female talent
  • Networking with similar profile women
  • Take part in roundtables
  • Hear inspirational speakers and go to insightful seminars


Profile image of Ivona who's looking to start her own business

Mid 30s, married, 2 children, lives in South London, reads Economist, uses Facebook, LinkedIn, and shops at Sainsburys.


Wants to make a change – keen to start own business.

Business Starters

Why should they attend the event?

  • Listen to world class female business leaders
  • Gain inspiration network and business ideas
  • Looking for business services to support start up
  • Would consider franchise, investment portfolio or partnership


Profile image of Kate who's a business owner

Early 40s, married, 3 children, Surrey, reads The Times, Grazia, uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and shops at Aldi.


Continue flexible working, build business and ensure a good work life balance.

Business Owners

Why should they attend the event?

  • Looking for ways to improve the business and cost savings
  • Learn and invest in the latest technologies
  • Look at solutions to facilitate flexible working and better work space
  • Networking with local like-minded business owners
  • Inspiration from Keynote speakers


Profile image of Alex who's a mother returning to work

Late 30s, married, 2 children, Esher, reads The Telegraph and, uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and shops at Waitrose.


To succeed at work and as a parent with good work/life balance and a job with flexible work hours.

Mum Returners

Why should they attend the event?

  • Find career opportunities that have flexible hours
  • Speak to local recruitment agencies and mothers’ job sites
  • Use crèche facilities to allow time focused on them