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Deborah Taylor

Director. Sakura Financial Limited

Deborah Taylor is a Chartered Secretary. With a career over 20 years working with both private clients and entrepreneurs in both internationally and in the UK she advises on international structuring of their business interests and family succession planning. Following her own divorce, Deborah’s mission is to help women improve their financial confidence and create security for themselves. She started Sakura Financial with William Voegt (a financial planner and Coach) giving women access to financial information, products, and build a community for women to become more confident around money.

Deborah is currently writing a book to help women become stronger emotionally and financially during their divorce.

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Day 2 – 17 October 2019


A Man is not a financial plan

"I do not want women to have power over men, but over themselves” - Mary Shelley

Why do many women lack financial confidence? This session looks at how passivity over money affects women in both their relationships and in business. And how we can change our mindset to build confidence and financial security.

Getting Better not Bitter - We look at how divorce adversely affects women’s finances, the pitfalls to avoid, how to plan and negotiate your divorce to give you a better financial future.

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