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Lara Asprey

Dating & Relationship Expert, Social Commentator, Author and Reality Star. Asprey Introductions

Lara Asprey is a Dating & Relationship Expert, Social Commentator, Author and Reality Star.

Windsor born, now South-West London-lover Lara Asprey has made a name for herself as a successful businesswoman and the most elite connector within the world of HNW dating.

Upon graduating university Lara found her social life involved the regular attendance of some of society’s most unmissable parties, where she lived and breathed the world of the mega-rich.

After several years of matching up her close friends and contacts she felt there was a gap in the market for a dating agency targeted solely to the most eligible, charming and successful singles around. So in 2014 she founded Asprey Introductions an exclusive dating agency for aristocracy and the international jet-set. (Previously known as The Sloane Arranger due to its initial selection of eligible ‘sloaney’ bachelors and bachelorettes.) Asprey’s venture has now expanded internationally to offer not only matchmaking but relationship coaching, personal styling and photography for those looking for love.

Not only a self-made businesswoman Lara Asprey is also a published writer. Asprey's experience and expertise in all matters of the heart is available in literary form, with her charmingly witty tongue-in-cheek guide The Very British Rules of Dating, (2015, So Vain Books) to dealing with the pitfalls and idiosyncrasies of finding, dating and keeping a British gent.

Most excitingly in January of this year she was commissioned to create a reality television series all about her and her agency with The Ultimate Matchmaker.

Lara lives in Putney with her financial consultant husband, 18 month old daughter and toy poodle.

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Day 2 – 17 October 2019


The power of thinking big and overcoming limiting beliefs

In today’s society, and especially as women, we are often led to believe in a lot of myths; that we can’t do certain things, that it’s a man’s world, that we should strive for one step up the ladder and see how we go, that we can’t expect to be CEO as very few women are - but I would like to talk about how limiting our beliefs like this can set us back from achieving our true potential. We are often guilty of giving ourselves excuses for not going for something; I’m too old, I’m too young, I have no experience, I don’t have the education - when in reality speaking to yourself in this manner and adopting this ‘limiting mindset’ only sets you up for dissatisfaction and disappointment. I would like to discuss how rather than focusing on the next step up in your career, (one step up syndrome), we should be focusing on thinking bigger than that, as the number of people who do is so small that the competition up there is actually much smaller than you might imagine.

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