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Penny Power OBE

Founder/CEO. The Business Café

Penny Power has a glossy image, her family, her OBE, her business brand; the Founder of three businesses, one global and recognised as the first Social Network for Business, pre-dating LinkedIn by 4 years. and the other a National Education Company that launched the UKs first Digital Marketing Apprenticeship that helped over 1000 young unemployed people into their first jobs. Now on her third, The Business Café. Happily married, three children, holidays, travel… all looks so good. The reality is that there is a lot of pain, challenges, adversity and loss of self-worth in her business and life journey.

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Day 1 – 16 October 2019


Business is personal - be the leader of your life and business

In this session Penny will help people to feel 'normal' with their fears, vulnerabilities and dreams. Her desire is for everyone to come from a place of "I am normal" and then they can be begin their journey to being exceptional.

Penny will share her own story to spark awareness in others, as well as talk about the 5 skills that all business owners must acquire in order to grow and achieve the dreams they set out with

This session is the antidote to the world of hustling, fake images and those who attend will leave feeling excited and relaxed, able to believe far deeper in themselves.

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