Roundtables enable you to meet with peers in an exclusive business environment. An open forum to discuss issues within the industry and how to tackle them.

Roundtables are a crucial part of Women in Business & Tech Expo, providing you place to share opinions and thoughts in an open discussion, and listen to other points of view. It is also a fantastic opportunity to make connections and network.

To be considered for a roundtable you must purchase your ticket and express your interest on the registration form. For any queries, please email


Leadership and technology through the lens of our engineers

Details: Wednesday 13th October, 12-1pm

Objective: To discuss the leadership and technology through real experiences of our engineers

Synopsis: In a changing world technology is taking a key role as part of our normal lives. Whether that is about getting us through the day, keeping us safe, managing our money or communicating with our friend, technology is playing a growing role. Leading a large organisation through technology changes needs leaders who are not only tech savvy but have the leadership capability to step up and help their teams to navigate the ever changing requirements or our customers. During this round table you will hear from a number of Thales engineers who not only work with changing technology but in some cases have additional responsibilities as a leader of a team or business. You will have the opportunity to listen to their stories and ask questions on how they have achieved in their roles and what you should consider if you are looking to take a similar path in your engineering career.

Moderator/ Speakers: Alan Firmin, Head of HR & Talent, UK Engineering

Entry criteria: Women in engineering leadership and technology roles who may be looking for a new challenge in a growing engineering company.

    Qualifications: Engineering Degree or equivalent

    A little less conversation...

    Details: Thursday 14th October, 12-1pm

    Objective: Understanding how to increase the % of women at all levels and ages in technology.

    Synopsis: The business case for DEI is widely acknowledged but we haven’t seen the % of women in tech and specifically, the women in tech leadership increase significantly over the last few years. Please join me in a discussion to understand what actions are working, what are not? What system paradigms do we need to challenge? Mentoring, role modelling, returners programmes, apprenticeships, allyship and flexible working all play a part but what actually works?

    Moderator/ Speakers: Kimberley Bird, Head of Operations, Technology & Engineering

    Entry criteria: Established managers, senior leaders, and executives e.g. Agile Development Lead, Engineering Lead, Lead Developer, Scrum Master, Head of Engineering, Engineering lead

    Qualifications: BSC, MSC, HND Level 4 and 5 however this is not a prerequisite and anyone in a relevant role/at the relevant stage of their career is welcome regardless of education

    Cloud Adoption, Opportunities & Challenges

    Details: Thursday 14th October, 1:30-2:30pm

    Objective: Using Technology to Solve Business Issues

    Synopsis: At Goldman Sachs, our Engineers don’t just make things – we make things possible. We build innovations that drive our businesses and financial markets worldwide.

    Join this interactive session to hear how adoption of the public cloud allows us to better serve our clients, from consumers to corporates. Engineers from two of our businesses share how their journey to cloud migration helped drive rapid business growth, and deliver a more flexible and resilient operation. Learn how this digital transformation helped solve key engineering challenges, such as ensuring 24/7 availability and managing fluctuating workloads. 

    Moderator/ Speakers: 

    Katie Garrett – Vice President Firmwide Strategy, GS Accelerate Business Entrepreneur

    Raji Unnithan – Vice President Consumer & Wealth Management, DevOps Engineer

    Entry criteria: STEM degree (e.g. mathematics, statistics, computer science, software engineering, physics, data science, mechanical engineering) and 18 months+ experience.

    Preferably worked in a tech or engineering role in a corporate institution, preferably financial services or technology company. Hands-on experience ideally with a coding background regardless of what the role is now. Open to returners – candidates who took a career break after a hands-on engineering background.


    Ready to break the habit of self doubt?

    Details: Wednesday 13th October, 1:30-2:30pm

    Objectives: Discuss issues highlighted by the Rose Review regarding the barriers that female entrepreneurs face in the UK. Showcase McDonald’s as a franchisor and how we can support women to achieve their career and business aspirations. Remove the barriers and dispel some of the myths that exist for women who want to start their own business.

    Synopsis: Take the leap and dive in! How could you leverage the might of an iconic brand to achieve your goals and dreams? This virtual roundtable will be an open discussion between McDonald’s Franchisees and some of its senior stakeholders.

    You’ll learn about what it’s like to be a McDonald’s Franchisee from the individuals that know it best and how franchising can tackle some of the barriers that female entrepreneurs face, such as access to funding, work/life balance and flexibility around family , support and role models and the perception of lack of skills and confidence.

    Moderator/ Speakers: Stephanie Gayet, Head of Franchising at McDonald’s Restaurants Limited

    Entry criteria: Women who are inspirational leaders seeking to elevate their career and explore a new trajectory, Business starters and owners, Returners who may be looking for greater flexibility e.g Managing Director, Director, Co-Founder, Founder, Board Member, Sales Director/Manager, Partner, Owner, CEO. Industries may include finance, HR, engineering, IT, marketing, consultancy, real estate, construction, retail and SME owners.

    Preferred qualifications/experience (ideal requirements): 

    • Degree level education
    • Owner or a business or has experience with retail or multi-site retail
    • Has managed a team of 20+ people
    • Strong financial position (i.e. salary of £60k+, net worth of £250k+)
    • Involvement in your community


    A More Cyber Secure Future in a more Hybrid World

    Details: Thursday 14th October, 10-11am

    Objectives: To discuss cyber security and specifically how this impacts small businesses.

    Synopsis: The world of work has changed dramatically over the last 18 months. Hybrid/remote working is here to stay, and ecommerce sales are now an essential route to market for many businesses. Yet too few small businesses truly understand the extent of the challenges they face when it comes to a range of cyber security threats including ransomware, data breaches, Wi-Fi vulnerability, Phishing and ‘Cloud Hacking’.

    This roundtable sponsored by Dell Technologies and facilitated by leading cyber security expert, Lisa Forte, brings together an authoritative panel of business owners to discuss the challenges and opportunities this new world of work presents to the UK small business community, including key practical steps on how to enhance your cyber security and secure your business.

    Moderator/ Speakers: Lisa Forte, Cyber Security Expert; Partner at Red Goat Cyber Security; Co-Founder - Respect in Security.

    Entry criteria: Small businesses of 1-99 employees: Business Owners; IT Decision makers; Women in Tech; Entrepreneurs; Business founders; Business Starters; Business Directors. Must have responsibility or part of the decision-making process for the IT security of their small business


    Relaunching your Career in a Pandemic

    Details: Wednesday 13th October, 2:30-3:30pm

    Objective: To share experiences of returning to work after a career break, during a pandemic.

    Synopsis: Returning to work after a career break may never have been more daunting. As the pandemic continues, join recent returners and Capgemini’s Relaunch programme managers as they share their stories, insights and tips for getting back into work in our “new normal.” Returners Jenni Campbell and Vijyeta Gaur, who joined Capgemini in 2021, will share their experiences on the recruitment process, onboarding, and support to thrive in their new roles.

    Moderator/ Speakers:

    Clare Mills and Laura Neville, Programme Managers - Relaunch@Capgemini Programme

    Jenni Campbell, PMO Analyst

    Vijyeta Gaur, PMO Analyst

    Entry criteria: Anyone who has had a career break. Previous business or technology experience if required e.g. Business Analyst, project management, PMO roles.


    Managing the Juggle: balancing your career and life in the new era of work

    Details: Wednesday 13th October, 11-12pm

    Objective: To share their insights and reflect on the skills they have developed and share their best tips and tricks.

    Synopsis: Led by Grazia’s Rebecca Holman, Magic Radio’s Kaylee Golding and Bauer’s Simone Thomas, this roundtable will discuss the cognitive overload women may face trying to juggle work and personal life, returning to work after maternity leave or starting a new job in the industry – and what Bauer and other companies have done to make this as easy as possible. The discussion will focus particularly on the past year and the impact Covid/working from home/hybrid working has had on females and working parents, now and in the future.

    Entry criteria: Anyone from any industry.



    Thursday 14th October, 2:30-3:30pm